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Mid-York Foundation Grant brings new dental equipment to Hamilton Health Center

The Friends of Bassett Healthcare received a generous grant from the Mid-York Foundation to assist Hamilton Health Center with the purchase of new dental technology.
The new equipment, a panoramic digital dental X-ray machine, will allow for a faster X-ray and will apply less radiation to patients during screenings. Hamilton Health Center serves 4,600 patients yearly and provides care for a local population of more than 8,500. The health center has been recently renovated to bring primary care and dental services under one roof.
The digital X-ray equipment is unique in that it has the ability to take external mouth X-rays. This new capability will benefit children, patients with disabilities, and geriatric patients who struggle with X-ray procedures that involve placing a device in the mouth.

North Brookfield Park receives grants from Assemblyman Bill Magee, Mid-York Foundation
The North Brookfield Town Park Committee hosted The Party in the Park on Saturday, August 9, to celebrate the recent renovation of the North Brookfield Community Park.
With grants from the Mid-York Foundation of Hamilton and Assemblyman Bill Magee, the Park Committee was able to finance several improvements to the park, including a public basketball court and walking track.
The Party in the Park, a carnival held in the newly renovated facility, featured an All-day little league tournament, a bouncy house and dunking booth, as well as many old-fashioned carnival games.
Both Assemblyman Bill Magee and Mid-York Foundation President Terrence Murphy were on hand to cut the ceremonial ribbons on the walking track and the basketball court. Plaques honoring each donor are proudly displayed on the parks new additions.
"The Party in the Park was a great way to celebrate the new park," said Murphy. "The turnout was impressive, and everyone seemed to enjoy the renovations."
In addition to the $12,000 donated by the Mid-York Foundation, the Park Committee raised additional funds for the project through bake sales, lawn sales, and bottle drives.

MYF Gives Grant to the Village of Earlville NY
The Mid-York Foundation of Hamilton NY recently announced a grant in the amount of $10,000 for the Village of Earlville. The grant will allow the development of a Comprehensive Plan for the future of the Village.
According to Earlville Planning Board Chairman Mike Ogden, the total cost for the plan, which will be overseen by River Street Planning and Development, is approximately $20,000. "The Village has committed $10,000 in the budget for this and this grant will allow us to begin," he said.
At a presentation ceremony held last week, Ogden told the Directors of the Foundation that future grant applications for the growth of the community are contingent on a Comprehensive Plan. "Once we have the funding, we can get started with applications and maybe can help the Opera House and other vital parts of Earlville."
(Reprint of original published in The Mid-York Weekly June 22, 2000)

Mid-York Foundation board members, left to right, Paul Noyes, Don DuBois, and John Kwasnik, visit the new Hamilton Health Center.

Top: President Terry Murphy (center) participates in the honor of ribbon cutting. Bottom: Assemblyman Bill Magee (center) gives the honor of cutting the ribbon to welcome the park renovations.

Ann Cochran, President of the Mid-York Foundation, presents a $10.000 check from the Foundation to Earlville Mayor Bruce Pedrik. Also pictured are Don Dubois, Vice President of the Foundation (left) and Mike Ogden, Chairman of the Earlville Planning Board. Also on hand for the presentation bur not pictured was Foundation Administrator Viola Uhlig. (photo by Carolyn Godfrey for The Mid York Weekly)

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